Shouts can be opened and viewed by pressing P (default) while in game. Shouts can be used by pressing Z (default) while in game.

Fus Roh DahEdit

'Description: 'Scream at your enemies, blasting them all backwards in a burst of force.

'Effect: 'Pushes mobs back.

Strun Bah QoEdit

Description: Call down the destructive powers of Skyrim's lightning on all nearby mobs.

Effect: Strikes all nearby mobs with lightning.

Joor Zah FrulEdit

Description: Lash at very soul of Dragons, forcing them to land in confusion.

Effect: Causes all nearby Dragons to land on the ground for a short period of time.

Lok Vah KoorEdit

Description: Calm the storm, as you shout at its very existance to not exist.

Effect: Stops the rain.

Yol Toor SholEdit

Description: Shout at the fabric of space to create a fiery explosion at every nearby mob's feet.

Effect: Lights all nearby mobs on fire.

Kaan Drem OvEdit

Description: Sooth the anger that exists in all mobs, causing them to stop attacking.

Effect: All mobs stop attacking.

Wuld Nah KestEdit

Description: Shout, and have space bend around you as all your movements are multiplied instantly.

Effect: Increases movement speed for a short duration of time. (Can be used while sprint jumping to cover vast distances.)